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The word Alimatha originally meant "woman's face." The island, seen from above, today has a shape resembling that of a heart, possesses a beach of fine white sand that goes into the waters of the Maldives. It is surrounded by a beautiful and colorful coral reef, inhabited by hundreds of species of fish. Alimathà is the perfect combination of relaxing on a beach with the whitest of sands and enjoying unforgettable experiences, from scuba diving to the dozens of sports activities that can be practiced on the island.

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Alimathà offers its Guests four different accommodation solutions: the Over Water Villa, surrounded by the sound of the ocean, the Beach Bungalows, on the beach just a few steps from the sea, the Garden Villa and the Garden Rooms, immersed in the heart of the Resort and its nature. Our restaurants, all-inclusive and à la carte, offer specialties of Italian and Maldivian cuisine. Clear your mind and indulge in treatments at our Maadhiga spa to restore your energy. Relaxation, rest and tranquility, but also activities, sports and movement. The souls of Alimathà blend uniquely and go hand in hand with its Nature to give, to those who know how to contemplate it, all the magic of one of the most fascinating places on the planet..

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In Alimathà's restaurants and bars you can be delighted by all the flavors of the island. Our restaurant offerings are designed to offer the largest varieties as possible and to meet the needs of all our Guests. In the restaurants you will be able to taste the specialties of Italian and Maldivian cuisine, with fresh and genuine dishes prepared and served daily by our Chefs. Our bars, on the other hand, will be the place to relax and have a cool drink while enjoying the spectacle that only the scenery of the Maldives can provide.

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Alimatha is not only synonymous of diving in the magnificent Indian Ocean to admire the beauty of the coral reef. During your stay on the island you can experience dozens of other activities that will keep you constantly in shape, to be done alone or in company while you admire one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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NAKAI Alimathà's new infinity pool is considered the Resort's most attractive new feature as it spans 550 square meters in the beautiful blue sea horizon. It also features a large jacuzzi with continuous water flow.

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The NAKAI Group has been operating in the Maldives for over twenty years. The resorts of Alimathà, Dhiggiri, Maayafushi (atoll of North Ari) and that of Velifushi by Cinnamon (atoll of Vaavu), rise on the four splendid islands of the same name, still cared today with the same love and passion.


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