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The splendid dolphins of the NAKAI Resorts in the Maldives

Our usual weekly photographic appointment continues, in which through the images of Marco Carè, diver and photographer, we go to tell the wonders that surround the heavenly NAKAI resorts of Alimathà, Dhiggiri and Maayafushi.

The protagonist of today’s in-depth study is a subject loved and known by everyone in the world: the dolphin. For anyone who has to do with the sea, as a snorkeler, as a diver, as a navigator, one of the greatest and deepest desires is in fact the meeting with his Majesty the Dolphin.

Marco, what does the dolphin animal represent for you?

I must happily admit that meeting a dolphin, both underwater and on the surface, always arouses incredible emotion, immense and ancestral joy. You are fascinated by the grace of the movements of this extraordinary curious and playful mammal. There is no stronger emotion in my memory as a veteran diver, than the moment when my eyes meet the magical ones of these noble animals.

Tell us some experiences of underwater encounters with dolphins.

Over the years I have had the immense luck of meeting dolphins underwater several times, of being able to play with them, to interact with them, and these emotions will remain indelible and very strong forever inside me. Not to mention the hundreds of times encountered on the surface, playful fools who flank the bow of the boat, apparently to engage in quick competitions with the Captain of the Maldivian Dhoni. In reality, the real reason why dolphins mainly “hook” to the bow of boats is because, due to the vortex caused by the speed of the boat, it allows them to clean the surface of their body from microscopic parasites that annoy and constantly haunt them! However, for them there is also a strong component of fun, as they are very skilled in exploiting the wave movements of the engine propeller to perform wonderful jumps.

The bond and attraction that exists between dolphins and children always amazes me: it is extraordinary to see with how much love and joy they approach these wonderful and elegant marine animals, but even more extraordinary to observe the delicacy and attention that dolphins observe little humans, very close to our maternal protective instinct.

And specifically about the Maldives and NAKAI Resorts?

We of the NAKAI Diving Center teams of Alimathà, Dhiggiri and Maayafushi know all these things very well, and that is why we do our best to allow all our beloved guests to take full advantage of the fantastic opportunity to meet these extraordinary sea creatures. We organize weekly dolphin watching excursions aboard the comfortable, safe and comfortable Maldivian Dhoni, at sunrise or sunset, at which time these graceful cetaceans come out of the atoll to hunt, mainly squid in deep waters or come in to rest and socialize in the safe shallower waters of the interior of the Maldivian Atoll.
Often, in the weekly fast boat snorkeling excursion with the whale shark we have the wonderful experience of crossing schools of dolphins, both on the surface during the journey and, even more incredible, while snorkeling with the great gentle giant!

We organize daily snorkeling and diving excursions with the specific intention of offering all our guests the magical and unforgettable opportunity to have a close encounter with this treasure of Nature, of which the Maldives is so rich and prosperous. Each excursion aimed at the sighting of dolphins organized by the NAKAI diving centers of Alimathà, Dhiggiri or Maayafushi always collects immense success, and our guests always return to land with that ecstatic and magical look, witnesses of an encounter with Nature that they will not forget never again.

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