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Into our paradise

Alimatha is not just a tropical paradise for sunshine, the beautiful beach and the nature that surrounds it. Underwater there is a real world to discover and you can do so together with the staff of Nakai Diving Center. Alimatha Island is located near a wide selection of truly unique dive sites. Many of them are sites within protected areas and some are famous for being on the list of the best dive sites in the world.

and its splendor

A number of famous canals can be found in Felidhoo Atoll (Vaavu). Among them, the two most famous are undoubtedly Miyaru Kandu and Fotteyo Kandu. Miyaru Kandu, only a 5-minute boat ride from the resort, is famous for its wonderful overhang where a large number of sharks and other pelagic fish can be seen. Fotteyo Kandy is known for its overhangs, multicolored soft coral, and possible encounters with hammerhead sharks. Rakeedhoo is populated with fish in the channel area, with sharks and eagle rays, while in the inner part of the channel all the walls of the overhangs are covered with soft coral and gorgonians.

Are you ready to dive in?

We are ready for you to discover an enchanted world under the seas

In short, getting into the water near Alimatha can delight not only the most experienced divers, but also those who want to confront recreational diving for the first time. Diving in the Maldives is a real pleasure. The spectacle of the marine life, the colors of the coral reefs, and the intense underwater life are the key ingredients for a story to be told when you return home.

Snorkeling and diving trips are organized daily in the morning and afternoon, with the option of staying out half a day or a full day. Not to mention the unique spectacle of night diving, famous for being among the best and most fascinating in the Maldives.