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In the Maldives the beauty of Nature does not manifest itself only in the waters of the Indian Ocean. At night, just looking at the sky it’s enough to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the celestial vault that shows itself in all its splendor. As a Group, we have always tried to give great importance to the world around us and, in recent years, we have worked hard to try to understand it in depth and to be able to narrate it to you. It is for this reason that we have included an Astronomer in our team, with the dual objective of doing research and disseminating knowledge in a clear, simple and fun way. Our Astronomy projects make use of the collaborations of professionals and experts in the scientific-technological sector and we can tell you about the Universe and its infinite facets.

The NAKAI Constellation

In Dhivei, the language of the Maldives, the word “Nakaiy” is profoundly linked to the seasons and their alternation, but also carries the meaning of “Constellation”. From this word comes the name of our Group which, looking down from above, he made the sea his sky and the NAKAI islands his stars. We followed our vision and, drawing them together on the back of a whale shark, we designed our constellation. We wanted to place it in the sky and to do this we identified a group of stars in Andromeda that recalled its position on the map of Maldives. Thanks to the collaboration with Vito Technology, a developer of the spectacular astronomical app “Star Walk 2” (approved by ESA), we were able to realize our dream and place our NAKAI Constellation in the sky. From today, connecting from the Maldives, you can discover it yourself by opening the Star Walk 2 app and aiming your phone in the direction of Andromeda, right next to the Lizard constellation. Among the stars, you will find the Whale Shark NAKAI waiting for you, with the history of the Group and its resorts.


At Alimathà, with our Astronomy Night, we will show you the magic of the night. Far from the lights of the city, the Stars and the Milky Way will show themselves in all their splendor and mystery. You will be fascinated by the heavenly vault and by its unique spectacle that you will admire in absolute silence and contemplation. We believe deeply in Nature and how you dream when we look at the stars. For this reason, when we discovered that there is still no astro-photographic archive of the Maldivian sky, we thought we would accept the challenge and create one by ourselves! For two years now, together with our astronomer and photographer Stefano Perrone, we have been mapping the sky above our Resorts. We want to show it to anyone who loves to admire the universe and, shot after shot, be amazed as if it were always the first time. The NAKAI astro-photographic project will still take a few years to be completed, but once it is done, our intention is to make them available to anyone who wants to study it, watch it, share it or simply tell it.