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A new way
of observing Nature

In the Maldives, the splendor of Nature is not only manifested in the sky or in the waters of the Indian Ocean. The local flora itself is also a very important source of study for researchers and enthusiasts in the field. It is for this reason that the NAKAI Group initiated the Pandora Project, which can be summarized as a whole new way to get close to nature again. The Pandora Project has since turned into a real excursion to be done in NAKAI Group resorts: suitable for all ages, it is a unique and unprecedented experience that can excite, entertain and enrich those who experience it.

Pandora project

Are you ready to discover the secrets of Nature?

Human eyes cannot see beyond the spectrum of purple. Many insects, however, see the world in ultraviolet. We have designed a way for our guests to see the world as they see it. By using a special biological product and special equipment, we are able to show our guests the natural world of the Maldives in ultraviolet. In addition, just as with the projects concerning the Ocean, with a special technology we are able to translate their electromagnetism into sound and reveal their music to everyone.