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Awake your sense

Let yourself be carried away by our activities

Let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of our Maadigha spa. A welcoming and peaceful place where you can abandon yourself thanks to the best massage techniques in the world and rebalance your senses. With each movement we entrust the task of regenerating mind and body, to every sound, the ability to awaken the mind and recover its natural inner harmony.

A sensory experience

with an exotic scent


Frella natural citrus oil is a very versatile, effective and famous oil in aromatherapy, as it promotes mood, protects against antioxidants, eliminates germs, supports the immune system and reduces anxiety and irritability.


Traditionally famous in the Maldives islands as "Boalha Kinkiri Maa", frangipani has a sweet and subtle fruity note with deep and intense floral notes. Frella natural frangipani oil is associated with sensual feelings of romance and love. It is considered sacred as the "tree of life" as it evokes a deep internal cleansing that holistically refreshes, while coconut oil hydrates and provides nutrients to the skin.


Frella jasmine oil, also known as "Huvandumaa" in the Maldives, is used to treat depression and infections, but is best known as an aphrodisiac. It is antiseptic, antispasmodic, healing, reduces the symptoms of menopause and is full of benefits for skin and hair.


Natural lemongrass oil has a very powerful citrus scent that has been used for many years as a herbal remedy. Traditionally it was used to treat digestive problems and high blood pressure, although it has many other benefits. “Lansimoo” or lemongrass has become a popular tool in aromatherapy for relieving stress, anxiety and depression.


Our coconut oil is grown and extracted using the cold-pressed method to ensure all natural nutrients remain intact and to follow ISO manufacturing standards. Our coconut oil contains mono-laurine acid, an important immune compound found only in breast milk. It is an edible and multipurpose product, used for hair and body treatments.

Discover all of our’s massage techniques

Relaxing in the Maadigha Spa of Alimathà is very simple. It will be enough to enjoy the delicacy of massages and the perfumes of essential oils, to experience the sensorial synergies that they can generate. Oriental techniques, from the oldest to the most modern, will lead you along a true path towards lightness and will rediscover the balance between body and mind. A unique way to restore and recharge yourself and fully enjoy the best moments of your holiday.


Share a magical moment with your loved one. Let yourself go in a moment of total relaxation, forgetting the passage of time and everyday reality. It leaves room for a deep sensation of cuddles and sweetness. A ritual for the couple, created to share sweet sensations of well-being and an unforgettable experience. Your moment will end with a fresh juice, offered by Maadhiga Spa, which you can enjoy during a relaxing bath in our tub.


Thai Shiatsu Massage is a combination of 2 treatments originating from Thailand and Japan. Thai Shiatsu acts on the entire body, the technique used includes some yoga stretches, pressure points, traction and tapotement. Based on the eastern meridian system, particular pressures are performed with the fingers, with the aim of removing interruptions in the energy flow in the body.


Balinese massage, also called Pijat, originates in Bali, Indonesia, a territory strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese and Thai culture. Balinese Massage is a full body massage, a holistic deep tissue treatment. It uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and energy around your body. Techniques include palms, knuckles, kneading, stroking, effleurage and tapotement. It stimulates the muscles and brings the body and psyche back to a new harmony. It helps eliminate tiredness, relieves pain and tension, improves blood circulation, releasing flows of positive energy. It is aimed at those seeking intense physical and mental relaxation.


Stone Massage is a holistic massage that heals the mind and body. It is performed with the use of 14 hot stones placed throughout the body, in the primary energy points. The advantages are: increased circulation, distension and relaxation of the muscles, drainage and relaxation of the spine. It is recommended in case of arthrosis, lumbar and neck pain. It promotes deep cleansing of the epidermis, making the skin brighter and smoother, thanks to the exfoliating action of the stones. A very gentle and enveloping manual technique is combined with the heat that the stones gradually release, giving a pleasant thermal effect for the entire duration of the treatment.


Kizhi Massage is part of the Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments. It is performed with cotton "bags" filled with rice or other material, which are immersed in hot oil and applied all over the body with friction and pressure movements. Benefits include pain relief, circulation stimulation and elimination of toxins. The Kizhi Massage is a technique that produces sweating, increases the perspiration of the skin making it more elastic and luminous, thus decreasing the aging process.